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One of the hardest things in business is finding the right people that provide the right services. How do you know how to identify whether or not they are the right people? How do you know how to calculate they are the right services? Better question to ask would be how do you even know what people or services you need? Board Room helps you identify what it is you are missing in your business and positions you with a team of experts to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Leverage an exclusive network of high level business executives that have mastered their industry. Whether it’s Branding, Training, Marketing or Systems.

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Starting your business

Deciding to start your own business always ends in more questions than you have answers too. Most people don’t start a business because of the overwhelming fact that they do not know what they need to get started. What is a tax id number? How do I get a business license? What is an EIN and how do I know whether to be an LLC or Corporation? Lucky for you Board Room gives you the ability to focus on what you are passionate about. While we make sure to set you up the right way and guide you every step of the journey. Walk in with an idea and walk out with everything you need to open up your business bank account and a roadmap of what to expect to make sure you are off to a smooth sailing.


Scaling your business

What if I placed an order for you to deliver five thousand of your products from one day to the next. Would you be thrilled because of all the business you just recieved or would that be a nerve wrecking situation for you? Many business owners are afraid to receive huge orders because they are not set up for that capacity. Board Room provides a done for you package that comes with Warehousing, Fulfillment/shipping, an online store, Ads manager and the system to process and track any size order you receive. 


Systemizing your business

Do you find yourself constantly answering questions you have answered hundreds of times? Seems like you never have time to work on your big projects because you’re so busy putting out fires or dealing with the business details? Hiring people is a drag because of how long it takes to train and everyone seems to have their own version of completing the job. All because of the systems and processes that have not been established. Board Room comes into your business and does a complete scope from start to finish so you can have the freedom of working on your business and not in the business. You will receive a copy of your completed Products Sales Sheet, Business Operations manual with all the details of your business. All scripted and converted into a virtualized training system.

If I threw you keys to a jet would you know how to fly it?
Business is the jet, let Board Room be your Pilot.


legacy patino

CEO - Board Room

Business Engineer

Las Vegas, Nevada

Brad Lea

CEO - LightSpeed VT

Training Systems Expert

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dennis Yu

CEO - BlitzMetrics

Digital Marketer

Scottsdale, Arizona

Stephen Pierce

CEO - Stephen Pierce Inc

International Marketing Expert

Las Vegas, Nevada

Marcin Ruman

CEO - Emersoft

Web Developer

London, United Kingdom

Tereza Gevorgyan

CEO - Ruby Graphic Studio

Corporate Designer

Las Vegas, Nevada